Stunning back painted glass designed to go the distance

Our back painted glass product from ChrismaColor is the perfect blend of visionary design and endurance that customers crave. Our back painted glass is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tile and laminates; with the added benefit of a water-resistant, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and prohibits mold or bacteria from forming.

In order to achieve the vibrant resiliency required to make back painted glass successful, our team employed a meticulous methodology of diligent testing and focus on the end user and product performance. Through vigorous research we discovered a special adhesion promoter to create a bond between the glass and color coating on the surface. It withstands wear and tear without paint peeling off, and retains the color integrity over the lifetime of the glass piece.

Environmentally friendly glass production:

Being Earth conscious is vital to our back painted glass offering and process. We make it a point to utilize coatings that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds or solvent) so to minimize the environmental impact on our planet.


Finding your color match:

Our back painted glass solutions create the perfect mood for your home or business. Our glass specialists can match your custom color needs and paint from most major companies, including Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Valspar.

Back painted glass is perfect for your next…

Kitchen backsplash

Vanity tops

Escalator walls


Mirror borders

Table top

Spa walls

Commercial interiors

Wardrobe doors


Cabinet doors


Bathroom vanity

Custom glass projects

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