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At National Glass Products we are dedicated to delivering on maximum customer satisfaction. We work closely with you to understand your exact needs to find the best glass solution.

Discovery and Ordering:

  1. We start by understanding your color specifications and can color match to your custom needs or to these top brands: Sherwin Williams, PPG, Glidden, Porter, Benjamin Moore, Dunn-Edwards, Behr, and Valspar.
  2. We identify the best glass to use for your project. Unless otherwise specified, we start with PPG Starphire Glass with several options, including: Regular, Velour, Satin and SatinLite.
  3. A worksheet is created and a comprehensive estimate is prepared for the customer.
  4. If desired, sample request forms are submitted.
  5. Customer returns the signed estimate and paint approval forms, along with a 50 percent deposit.
  6. We process the paperwork in a timely manner and an order confirmation is sent to the customer.

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  1. The selected glass is cut from large stock sheets, and then cut to the exact shape and size.
  2. Edgework is applied to the glass using our state-of-the-art CNC and Drill equipment:
    • Flat Polished Edge
    • Pencil Polished Edge
    • Beveled Edge
  3. If required, the glass is tempered for strength.
  4. Coatings are then applied to the glass surface by our expert team:
    • 1st: Adhesion Promoter
    • 2nd: Color Coat
    • 3rd: Extra Coat of Paint (usually white)
    • 4th: Clear Seal
  5. Backing System is dried in an oven.


  1. After production is complete the customer is notified of the remaining balance on their order.
  2. Payment options include: Visa, American Express, MasterCard or a company check.
  3. The glass is securely packed for shipment and then carefully loaded on the delivery truck to be sent on its way.

Delivery and Damage Reporting:

At Time of Delivery:

  1. Upon delivery, the customer should ask the delivery driver to remain onsite while they examine all crates for damage or shortage.
  2. If damage or shortage is noticed, ask the driver to take note of all damage on the delivery bill.
  3. Next, ask the driver to stay while you open all the crates to inspect glass for damage.
  4. Any more damage should be added to the delivery bill, then signed and dated by the driver.
  5. The customer should retain all materials, including glass and crates.

Reporting Damage After the Delivery:

  1. Call National Glass Products to report damage and our hands-on service team will work you through next steps.
  2. Call the carrier to request an inspection of the damaged material.
  3. Do not dispose of the material or the crate(s).
  4. Email or fax National Glass Products all the necessary documents to file a freight claim.

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