Discover the beauty of back painted glass for your home or business

Q: Can I have holes or cut-outs in the glass panels?
A: Yes. Cut-outs for outlets and holes for light switches, outlets, or notches are not a problem; but must be cut or drilled prior to tempering. Once tempered the glass cannot be cut or drilled.


Q: How much does painted glass cost?

A: Painted glass is priced per square foot (glass and paint) with additional costs for cutouts, holes, polishing or notches and installation (if applicable).


Q: What if I want a color different from your samples?

A: We are able to mix colors to order, including sparkle, pearl and metallic effects; and we will mix as close to your sample as possible. We are able to mix all Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colors. Please be aware that colors will look much shinier through glass, so they will not necessarily look exactly the same as your paint.


Q: Can I install painted glass on top of my existing tiled wall or countertops?

A: No. We do not recommend this.


Q: How are the glass edges finished?

A: All external glass edges are either flat polished or pencil polished typically.


Q: What type of glass do we paint on?

A: We paint on Low Iron glass which is optically clearer than regular clear glass.

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